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Like numerous competitor models from HP or Lenovo, the Latitude E has a combination of a touchpad and a trackpoint. A few useful trackpad extras we haven't seen before have crept in here through Dell's own software — one being circular scrolling, a technique that allows you to run your finger in a circle either clockwise or counter clockwise for continuous, unbroken scrolling. That said, there is some pretty strong competition such as the Lenovo ThinkPad T and HP EliteBook p … and those notebooks might prove to be better alternatives for some. A price of In both classes Dell offers a In this condition the E can be described as considerably audible but not yet disturbing. Dell : Dell just reassured me that my order was correct; the package was delivered as promised. Review Sections Review. When you want to listen to music or watch movie using headphones—good news, the sound is clear, no electronic static, no hiss, when there is no sound, there is no sound—pure silence. But the huge mistake is air exhaust—it is placed on the left, not at the back.

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This is docked on the bottom of the laptop and supplies the notebook over the docking port with energy. However generous the viewing angles are, in the vertical viewing range it comes to a contrast loss and a dimming of the image, especially in the downward deviation. Price Comparison.

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Classic Test. If you configure the notebook with a SSD instead of a hard drive you should have a notebook that runs even cooler. As the twist resistance of the display can only be called sufficient, the metal chassis of the display lid shows its strength when put under pressure.

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One minor negative regarding the screen is that the notebook lid offers less than ideal protection for the screen. Three years onsite service for the next work day is granted ex factory. With the high-quality magnesium case the notebook sets the bar particularly high in respect to stability, for the competition. It means that you have to tilt the lid back a bit for normal usage and tilt it towards you if you watch a movie.

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As already mentioned the Dell Latitude has a black keyboard with continuous white lettering. Loudness The Dell Latitude E operates extremely quiet and restrained in the idle and office mode. The Latitude E convinces with a very stable and robust case and is therefore fit for an intensive mobile use. You can, however, create your own hotkeys to do the job using Dell's included software. With its blue-violet border, the trackpoint also stands out a bit in the keyboard center of the laptop. The problem is I have a lamp behind me, so any movement changes brightness. The biggest tech issues in the presidential election.

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Also, the grills are very hard to clean. The E offers a wide range of hardware configurations, as well as Solid State Drives SSDs for the businesses that require extreme ruggedness and extreme performance. Even Bluetooth 2.

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The E can keep the fan off for a long time—you can additionally tweak power management profiles to keep the laptop very quiet. The performance of the Latitude E also turns out extremely positive in the Cincebench R10 Benchmark test. With the new Latitude business notebook series, Dell takes its previous Latitude DXXX models off and brings on a completely new platform.

A Decade Later (Almost): Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop

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