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Seven Demon Stories from Medieval Japan. Record Submission. Japan: Soft Garage. Progress on:. Japanese folklore glitters with powerful female spirits and demons who terrorize the living. Although these demons may not cause extensive harm, they occasionally enjoy scaring people for the sake of it. She then breathed fire onto the bell, melting it and killing Anchin. Japanese folklore. List Editors:.

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If the mother died but the baby survived, the Ubume will wander into stores and homes to try and buy necessities for her child, paying with handfuls of dead leaves. To accomplish this, she bathed in the Uji River for 21 days, divided her hair into five horns, painted her body red with vermilion, and went on a legendary killing spree. Views Read Edit View history. Yuki-onna is usually described as having white skin, a white kimono, and long black hair.

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Oriental Information Agency. Fuku wa uchi! In another tale of a woman scorned, Uji no hashihime prayed to a deity to turn her into an oni so she could kill her husband, the woman he fell in love with, and all of their relatives.

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Besides her intended victims, anyone who saw her instantly died of fear. Upon learning of her disfigurement and betrayal, she accidentally killed herself on a sword. Only values greater than the demons record requirement and smaller than or equal to are accepted!

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Anyone posting illegitimate recordings and passing them off as legit will have their records removed from the list. Mujara 3: Kinki-hen. This list reflects the creepiest of the yokai. Shinto deities Mythology in popular culture Japanese deities Sacred objects Japanese religions. Marra tr. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sankai can be anything from creatures to monsters and complete abominations, both grotesque and violent in nature.

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Japan is one of those stars that dmons a gigantic bunny lizt tales, nipples and myths due to its penny brothel spanning from as far back as 35, BC.

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Please refer to the bugfix and LDM guidelines. Oni demons and yurei ghosts have played a role in Japanese culture for thousands of years, and stories of new spirits continue to be told today. By day, ordinary women. The creature is also prone to destroy eggplant gardens across the countryside, leaving farmers to fear a Hyosube if they find mangled eggplant crops.

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Demons completed:. Nukekubi and Rokurkubi are former humans who have been punished with this curse because of an evil deed that they have committed, such as sinning against god or being unfaithful to their husbands. Japanese buildings may sometimes have L-shaped indentations at the northeast to ward against oni. Some scholars have even argued that the oni was entirely a concept of Buddhist mythology.

Japan's Strangest Mythological Creature

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