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The quest also reveals that Molduga Guts are valued for their medicinal properties among the Gerudo. Its body will partly emerge from the sand as it approaches in search of an opportunity to lunge at you. Breath of the Wild. I've noticed that they're very sensitive to sound. Main article: Molduking. YES NO. Skyward Sword.

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Tri Force Heroes. After defeating the Molduga and collecting its guts, return to Malena for a Gold Rupee reward. Molduga can sense movements and vibrations through the ground.

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Molduga can sense movements and vibrations through the ground. The easy option is to head back to your elevated position and repeat the routine until it dies from getting its stomach repeatedly blown up. If you scare them from a distance with a big noise, maybe you can stun them long enough to take them out.

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Explore around the woman-only locale and you'll likely run into Molduga. Start a Wiki. Latest Announcements.

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It drops three treasure chests when killed containing equipment but no monster parts. If the Molduga detects it, a question mark will appear above its head to indicate its curiosity. Another is located to the Southwest of town on the way to the Dragon's Exile. It starts in the largest structure in Gerudo Town located in the Gerudo Wasteland. Breath of the Wild. Prepurchases are available now. Its body will partly emerge from the sand as it approaches in search of an opportunity to lunge at you. There are 4 Molduga sub-bosses in the Gerudo Region. They are very sensitive to loud noises, so they can also be fought by detonating Remote Bombs or shooting Bomb Arrows near them.

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It drops three treasure chests when killed containing equipment but no monster parts. Hyrule Compendium Tri Force Heroes.

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Walk around these four areas until you find a giant moving lump of sand. If you stand still or on a rock above the ground, the miniboss will not know where you are. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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